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Breaking: GUIDE program recently announced!

The US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently launched the GUIDE program to pay providers of dementia care for offering family caregiver support. Craniometrix can help you qualify. (read more)

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Create and administer dementia care plans and coordinate with family caregivers.

Introducing CareCentral.

Whether you are a health system, provider group, or sole proprietor, CareCentral gives you the ability to easily create and manage your care plans and how they are being administered to your patients by their primary caregivers. 



  • Create care plans 

  • Create and manage patient Carespaces

  • Track patient goals and progress

  • Coordinate seamlessly with caregivers and the care team

  • Support 1000s of patients & multiple organizations


Manage Care plans.

CareCentral enables providers to create and deploy care plans using a suite of tools that help make the process more efficient. Goals can be created from scratch, or customized using our AI, which has been trained on millions of pages of clinical literature. CareCentral makes tracking care plans less complicated, as your caregivers are in sync via CarePilot (our caregiver product).


Get connected.

CareCentral is fully integrated with our caregiver product CarePilot to offer a complete solution for both the provider and the caregiver. Providers can just point caregivers to our site to get things started with ease.

Get GUIDE benefits.

The US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently launched the GUIDE program to pay providers of dementia care for offering family caregiver support. In order to qualify for the program, providers need to comply with 8 core delivery requirements, as listed in the GUIDE specification.

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Craniometrix can help you get 100% in compliance with GUIDE Requirements


Comprehensive Assessment 

Care Plan

24x7 Access

Ongoing Monitoring and Support


Referral & Support Coordination

Caregiver Support

Medication Management

Care Coordination & Transition

CareCentral and CarePilot combine to give providers what they need to satisfy the program requirements. Our tools make it easier to both apply and continue to stay in compliance with Medicare's policies and procedures.


  • Take assessments and manage care plans for both the caregiver and beneficiary

  • Access care team 24x7

  • Manage medications and track usage

  • Access educational content customized for the caregiver's needs

  • Find local resources


  • Create and deploy care plans, automatically

  • Connect with the primary caregiver at any time via private or group chat, or post in the discussion in the Family Hub

  • Receive triaged notifications for specialist referrals

  • Track progress and take notes on goals within the care plans

If you're interested in learning more, please contact us for a demo.

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