Worried about Alzheimer's Disease?

Our team of Harvard doctors and artificial intelligence scientists can help.

In 15 minutes, we can tell you your likelihood of developing cognitive impairment three times as accurately as any other method.

Why is that important? Well, an early diagnosis is the only way to help fight the condition.

How do we do it? We've built the world's most sophisticated artificial intelligence platform for the diagnosis of cognitive decline. But don't worry – a machine is not going to give you a diagnosis. A real doctor will review your test results and prepare a personalized report.

How does it work?


You take our proprietary 10-minute diagnostic test on a computer or tablet. It's easy - just play a few games.


Our artificial intelligence algorithms calculate over one million unique datapoints. 


A licensed doctor uses that data to understand your cognitive health 3x as accurately as any other test.


You receive a custom report detailing your risk of Alzheimer's and specific ways you can improve your cognitive health.

What people are saying:

"I've been worried about Alzheimer's ever since my neighbor was diagnosed. I asked my doctor to check me and he sent me here! I finished the test in 10 minutes and got results a day later. I recommend all my friends take this too!"
- Barbara, 57

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