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Talk with other caregivers who know how you feel.


Get support.

Talk directly with other caregivers like yourself in a safe, trusting environment. Meet virtually in small groups of 5, led by a licensed, experienced Registered Nurse to help provide guidance as needed during the session.

Our support groups offer:

  • A safe environment where one can tell his or her story and express feelings freely, knowing that others will be understanding, non-judgmental, and supportive

  • A place for establishing a connection with others to decrease the isolation that caretaking can bring

  • A moderator so that everyone can be heard and can ask for additional help whenever it's needed

Phillip Ahn, RN

Get organized.

Get the tools to help you with things like scheduling todos, managing medication, and communicating and collaborating with family members about your loved one’s condition.

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Get answers.

Meet Alfred, your digital Care Navigator. Ask questions related to your loved one's care and he will provide you with personalized answers based on their specific needs at anytime, 24x7.


Say hello to Alfred.

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We understand.


You’re faced with many challenges on a daily basis. Our platform, powered by our proprietary CareGPT engine, is designed to make managing the care less complicated, and to help you feel confident that you have all the bases covered when making decisions and taking action.

CM quickly helped me know what to do when I had questions about mom’s wondering and safety.

- Betty S.

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Craniometrix provided a way for me to easily help keep my family engaged with her progress and care.

- Janet P.

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I was swamped with so many things to keep track of and the CM tools made it a lot easier to manage.

- Susan L.

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You're not alone. We're here to help.

At Craniometrix, we continually strive to provide family caregivers and their loved ones with the help they need to make their lives as comfortable as possible. Have an idea? Let us know! We’re constantly building new features and would love to hear from you.
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