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Managing your dementia patients has never been easier.


Introducing CareCentral

Whether you are a doctor, provider group, or care agency, CareCentral gives you the ability to easily manage your dementia patients' care from one place. It's powered by a combination of proprietary digital tools and a trained dementia clinician - your Care Navigator.


Key Features

Create automated care plans 

Track care plan goals and progress

Coordinate seamlessly with caregivers, specialists, and the rest of the care team

Support 1,000s of patients, organizations, and accounts

Manage medications using hospital-grade prescription data sources

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Manage care plans

CareCentral helps providers create and deploy care plans more efficiently. Goals can be created from scratch or customized using our proprietary database, which we've built upon millions of pages of clinical literature.

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Manage referrals

Referring patients to specialists or other caregiving services involves multiple touchpoints and research to find the right local resources. CareCentral has a Services Hub that you can use to find those resources, connect with them, and manage service delivery, from start to finish. 

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Manage medications

CareCentral has a robust medication management feature that uses hospital-grade data to check for interactions and contraindications. You and the caregiver can easily track dosing each day.

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