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How it

Built for You.

We built this site to be as flexible as possible in order to cater to your specific needs. Once you've taken the assessment, we'll have what we need to personalize your care guidance. From that point you can explore however you like, and as always you can ask Alfred for help with any specific questions you may have.


Take an Assessment

A quick 5 min survey of how your loved one is doing. This will be the basis for the personalization of our guidance.

assessment question


View Recommendations

Using your answers from the survey, we create a care plan with personalized recommendations for your loved one.

a recommendation


Organize bookmarks

After reading them, you can bookmark your favorite recommendations and view them in your library for easy recall.

bookmarks in the my library feature


Create plans

Once you know what to do, you can create a plan (or "to-do list") to take action and get things done more easily.

list of todos


Communicate out

As you provide the care, you can keep your family and other caregivers in the loop with updates, all in one place.

pictures of a woman with dementia

Trusted sources.

For our medication management tool, we use drug information and their related interactions from fdb (First Databank), a trusted source used by over 250 U.S. hospitals, and online services such as WebMD, Amazon and Google.

fdb customer stats with doctors
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