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GUIDE compliance is hard

we make it easy

GUIDE on your own
  • Employ and train multiple
    care navigators

  • Invest in expensive infrastructure before being paid

  • Tedious CMS reporting

GUIDE with Craniometrix
  • We'll set up and operate your GUIDE program

  • You don't pay us until 
    CMS pays you

  • Profitable & scalable for
    the duration of GUIDE


Out-of-the-box GUIDE compliance

Craniometrix is a comprehensive dementia care solution that completely supports GUIDE participants. You can trust our wrap-around solution, which integrates with your existing EHR, to meet 100% of GUIDE requirements with no up-front costs

What Sets Us Apart

The Craniometrix Care Team

Craniometrix employs highly-trained care navigators to form the foundation of each patient's care team. Acting as a bridge between caregivers and providers, our Care Navigators facilitate care delivery across every domain of GUIDE requirements.


Tech-Enabled Care Navigators

Our Care Navigators are trained in dementia care, operating our platform with expertise and using AI-powered tools to manage patients very efficiently; with Craniometrix, you can scale your GUIDE program by enrolling more beneficiaries with no additional overhead.

Your Patients. Your Team.

You retain clinical ownership of your patients, and Craniometrix employs care navigators so you don't have to make any new hires.

Specialized Support for your Caregivers

CarePilot, the caregiver-facing component of the Craniometrix platform, is equipped with a rich library of educational resources, a dynamic catalog of community-based services, and a reliable, all-access hotline. We connect caregivers with local respite providers, too.

We'll do it for you

Craniometrix does 95% of the work to get and keep you GUIDE compliant. The remaining 5% is already part of routine checkups, so you can create a healthier community and new revenue with no added effort.

Our Features


Care Navigation with CareCentral

CareCentral is where care navigation takes place, powered by a combination of proprietary digital tools and a highly-trained dementia professional — your Care Navigator.

Your Care Navigator provides oversight on:

Care coordination and care planning
Ongoing supervision of patient progress 

Transitional care management

Medication management & reconciliation

Caregiver Support with CarePilot

CarePilot is designed to make managing your loved one's care less complicated so you feel confident that you have all the bases covered when making decisions and taking action.

Family Hub to communicate with family

Personalized care plans and recommendations 

Access local resources and support groups

24/7 live caregiver support

Family hub app view
Medication reconciliation_completed view
Alfred chat bot - caregiver support
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