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Navigating Dementia Care, Together

Craniometrix helps providers support caregivers & care navigation for patients with dementia. 

diverse caregivers and patients engaging in meaningful interactions, showcasing moments of

Welcome to Craniometrix

Craniometrix is a dementia care navigation platform, purpose-built to enable GUIDE participation and empower caregivers. 

18 month

Delay in Nursing Home Enrollment

Delay nursing home placement by 12 - 18 months, saving family & system healthcare costs.


Improved caregiver 
Quality of Life

Quality of life improvement from reducing stress and anxiety with increased caregiver support.


Increased PRovider Reimbursement

Supporting providers with GUIDE tasks and reporting to get paid for caregiver support. 


Improved Caregiver Confidence

Support and resources for caregivers at all times make them feel confident managing dementia. 

What we Do

Family Hub App
Personal care plan - medications
Hello Alfred caregiver support
  • Comprehensive assessment tools
    Assign & complete assessments digitally Review & share assessment feedback Track assessment changes over time
  • Automated care planning
    Automated care plans based on assessment data Care team review and approval of care plans Care plans collaboratively shared, monitored and updated with caregivers
  • Ongoing monitoring & support
    Ongoing monitoring of the patient's progress to the recommended care plan Frequent communication with the caregiver and the family Updates and modifications to care plans based on patient needs
  • Care coordination & referral management
    Coordination & communication between caregivers, specialists and the core care team Recommendations & coordination of local service providers Referral management to other specialists
  • Medication management & reconciliation
    Medication reminders and tracker for caregivers Medication information and side effects to monitor Reconciliation tools for providers to manage medications
  • Caregiver support & education
    On demand caregiver education and resources through the app 24/7 access to social worker support for caregivers Referrals to in person caregiver support groups

Better Together

The Craniometrix + JHM MIND at Home program collaboration provides practitioners with operationalized, evidence-based tools all in one place to deliver dementia care.


Proven MIND framework to better help patients

Full care team coordination 24/7

Care plan adherence and progress analytics

100% GUIDE compliance

From the Caregivers

Betty S.

CM quickly helped me know what to do when I had questions about mom’s wondering and safety.

Janet P.

Craniometrix provided a way for me to easily help keep my family engaged with her progress and care.

Susan L.

I was swamped with so many things to keep track of and the CM tools made it a lot easier to manage.

Our goal is to empower caregivers and healthcare providers with innovative solutions to navigate the challenges of dementia care, and to enhance quality of life for patients and caregivers alike.

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